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Where to for West Coast?

July 5, 2011


westcoast eagles

Came across a great image archive showing the hstory of the West Coast Eagles Juper over at a Big Footy forum:

Got me thinking about Where West Coast's visual branding is at. They've busied up the logo, they've fiddled with the jumper... is the end result better than what they started with?

I was alwas a fan of the original Eagles logo and jumper from 87. Sure colours were very LA Rams, not the mention the 'wings' that curled around the arms...

west coast eagles jumper

(This one went for $120 on the 'Bay).

But it was a tight package. The logo and script slotted cleanly into the peak formed by the wings.

And I think the logo was a keeper.


I think it's still a powerful and elegant logo and 10x better than most AFL emblems.

The current Eagles logo tries its best to keep the spirit of the original, but it looks a bit too angular for my money. Not much finesse.

Another smart and effective 80s logo that was updated simply because it looked 'too 80s'.

(Looking at the OG West Coast jumper got me thinking: Does anyone recall the push in the early 90s to change the Eagle's colours and jumper? From my wobbly memory a green jumper was proposed with gold hoops of varying widths. If anyone has any info about it please give me a yell.)

Check out the Big Footy thread to see a bunch of takes on what a new West Coast jumper could look like. Time for something new, or is it time for a rewind? What do you think?



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