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Richmond Tigers Football Club (AFL)

October 23, 2011


richmond tigers fc

The Richmond Tigers have a new logo. Overall I like it. Its definately an improvement on their musty old circular badge, with the once disembodied tiger now striking a regal pose as it glances from the stylish Arsenal-like rimmed shield. The 'Richmond' font is a conservative choice (Australian sports teams still don't get script logos), but overall it ticks a lot of boxes.

When I think of Richmond I love the rampaging tiger from the 70s shield logo. It perfectly captured the club's old 'eat 'em alive' aggression.

richmond fc

When a logo gets something fundamentally right I think it make sense to build on that strength. I love the dynamism of that old charging tiger, from the days when Richmond was 'on the attack'.

Here's my go at simplifying and sharpening the rampaging Richmond Tiger. I incorporated the famous Richmond sash in a cord that runs above the 'Tigers' script, which can optionally bear the extra 'Richmond Football Club' header on the top for more formal usage.

richmond tigers football club

If you're from Tigerland let me know how this logo floats your boat!

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