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Anthony Costa is a writer, designer and illustrator living in Melbourne, Australia. These alternate AFL and NRL football graphics are inspired by his love of heritage sports logos and uniforms. Got a comment or design project? Email Anthony at

Carlton Blues new logo (AFL)

October 24, 2009


A few years ago the Blues streamlined their logo, smoothing out the old serifs and ditching the laurel wreath. It's a clean look that harks back to more rounded monogram of the early part of last century. But is it maybe a little flat and one-dimensional? The problem with the current design isn't the monogram itself but the navy blue rectangle that bounds it. It's very plain looking and the amount of dead space surrounding the monogram diminishes it's stature. I like to think of it this way: A well designed sports logo should be able to be thrown onto a cap or t-shirt and look good in it's own right without needing any extra design frills or padding. I'm not sure that the current logo quite achieves this. With this in mind I've incorporated the current monogram into a fuller, richer, more complete disc-shaped shield that draws on the Carlton badge of the '80s. By adopting this new logo you would still be able to use the monogram on its own as a secondary device. Blue Baggers, what do you think?


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